Adult Bible Study

 Advent is the season in which we read and relive the experience of ancient Israel as it longed for the coming of the Messiah. It is also a time to reflect on the infancy narratives of Jesus which have enriched the lives of believers through the centuries.  Our Advent Bible Study will focus on the connection between the Old and New Testaments. This study has four sessions. They will focus on the opening chapters of Matthew and Luke, the only gospel which describe the wondrous events surrounding the birth of the Savior. Rich insights will be made as these two Gospels are opened to reveal the special contribution each makes to our understanding of Jesus' nativity.

Weekly sessions will be held on four (4) consecutive Thursdays from 6 pm until 7:30 pm in the Church:

  • November 30th                                Introductory Session
  • December 7th                                  Lesson 1 - Matthew 1-2
  • December 14th                                Lesson 2 - Luke
  • December 21st                                Lesson 3 - Luke 2