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Focus On Our Future

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 1/03/18

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

I pray you had a very happy and blessed Christmas, and that your New Year is off to a wonderful start. Being gone the end of November through the beginning of Advent made a hectic season (Christmas on a Monday) even more so. ... Read More »

Happy New Year

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 1/02/18

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

Happy New Year!  …well almost. While it may seem like just another day in the great cosmological universe, for us who celebrate January 1st as “The New Year,” it is a chance to begin anew. It is a chance to put old ways ... Read More »

Merry Christmas

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 12/19/17

Merry Christmas!

I realize that technically this morning is only the fourth week of Advent, but it is hard to hold back the joy, since this fourth week is only 24 hours long. Hard to focus on preparation due to the nearness of our God, for our Savior draws nigh.

I have always loved Christmas. And I have always been amazed at the change that comes over most people, even non-religious people. Maybe it is simply habit, since most of us were told as children that if we weren’t good Santa would put us on the naughty list. But I think it is more than that. I think the joy and the niceness are contagious. It is easy to get caught up in the spirit of the season, with all the music and decorations, with all the Christmas themed shows and everyone being a bit nicer to each other. But I also believe in the Incarnation, and I think this tangible presence of our God, this incarnation of love and joy, has the power to transform even the Scrooges amongst us. So go ahead and spread the joy, go ahead and wear a smile and be happy. If nothing else, it will make everyone wonder why you are so ... Read More »

Just What I Needed

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 12/13/17

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

My main purpose for being away was to attend a two week Renewal program that everyone in the Denver Province has been attending. I had to cancel my original plans due to things happening here, and this was the last one. It was just what ... Read More »

Co-Redemptorist Association

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 12/06/17

"God did not send the Son into the world to condemn it, but that the world might be saved through him" [John 3:17]

Co-Redemptorists are lay men and women who take an active role in helping to recruit and support young men who choose to pursue religious life as ... Read More »

First Sunday of Advent

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 11/30/17

Beginning the Church's liturgical year, Advent (from, "ad-venire" in Latin or "to come to") is the season encompassing the four Sundays (and weekdays) leading up to the celebration of Christmas.  The Advent season is a time of preparation that directs our hearts and minds to Christ’s second coming at ... Read More »

Living by Memory: Remembering & Celebrating Black Catholic History Month

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 11/30/17

Living By Memory:  Remembering and Celebrating Black Catholic History Month

Since 1990, the Church in the United States, through the work of the National Black Catholic Clergy Caucus (NBCCC), has designated November as Black Catholic History Month. In a special way, the testimony of black Catholics reminds us all ... Read More »

Good News--Sad News

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 11/18/17

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

I want to begin by thanking Fr. Greg for his service and wisdom today. I am sure all of you appreciate it if for no other reason than it is a break from hearing me. I also want to thank everyone who helped ... Read More »

Happy Card Party Sunday!

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 11/13/17

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ, Happy Card Party Sunday! As we celebrate our 150th jubilee it wouldn’t be complete without our annual Card Party. I certainly hope you are planning on attending after Mass. I know some people, especially those new to The Rock, get a bit confused ... Read More »

150 Years of Plentiful Redemption

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 11/07/17

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

In the great arc of time 150 years may not sound like much, but when you think how much has happened in that century and a half and how different things were in 1867, well then... When the Redemptorists finally agreed to Archbishop ... Read More »