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Happy Picnic Day!

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 6/27/15

Dear sisters & brothers in Christ,

 Happy Picnic Day! 

           As I write this I am praying for good weather, and I hope my prayers were well received. Our picnic is always a great time to relax and fellowship, and of course, enjoy some great food. I personally love ... Read More »

Power and Service

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 6/17/15

Think of those people who have risen from the ranks into positions of power.  While we applaud their success, we still raise the question:  How will they use their newly acquired power?  Will they use it to consolidate and advance their own personal interests, or will they use it ... Read More »

Keeping Holy the Sabbath

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 6/10/15

Keeping holy the Sabbath is a difficult thing to do, even for those of us who faithfully attend Sunday Mass.  After all, we have only so many hours in the day in which to accomplish a myriad of tasks.  We sometimes presume that having kept our Sunday “obligation” at ... Read More »

First Holy Communion!

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 6/03/15

Dear sisters & brothers in Christ,

I first of all want to congratulate those who are coming to the Table of the Lord for the first time today, in other words, those who will be making their First Holy Communion. It is a very special time in the life ... Read More »

Rights & Priviledges

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 6/01/15

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ, I touched on the topic of rights and privileges during Sunday's homily. We are a nation based on the concept that "all people" have certain guaranteed "rights," and that each person should have the freedom to exercise those rights. Now we all know ... Read More »