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Requirements Of Our Faith

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 10/25/17

Dear sisters and brothers,

Our first reading could not be clearer in regards to the issue of immigration and care for the poor. Issues that many still struggle with. Not only are we warned not to “molest or harass” these people, but the punishment for doing so is a ... Read More »

Scarcity & Abundance

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 10/19/17

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

One of the talks given at the meetings I recently attended was on the concept of "scarcity & abundance." While these are natural states that can describe almost everything, from a precious resource like gold to more subjective items like a person's humor ... Read More »

It's October

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 10/13/17

October usually is an enjoyable time of the year in the United States. The autumn season manifests itself with wonderful fall foliage in many parts of the country. The temperatures are cooler, inviting people outdoors for nature walks, apple or pumpkin picking. School routines are more established and football ... Read More »

What's Next

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 10/05/17

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

We find ourselves, once again, reeling from another act of horrific violence and an utter disregard for the sanctity of human life. The constant barrage of videos and news alerts brought the horror of it right into our living rooms and gave us ... Read More »