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Faithful Lives

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 1/23/19

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

As Luke suggests, there was once quite a few gospels floating around the Christian communities. Many of these have been lost through time, while all but four of the rest were deemed not to be inspired by God. The situation was not so ... Read More »

New Beginnings

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 1/22/19

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

Whether you operate on the calendar year, the liturgical year, the school year, the fiscal year, or some altogether other calendar, the beginning of a new year is always special. Even though one day may look much like the next to the outside observer, and ... Read More »

My Visit to Indianapolis

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 1/09/19

From the desk of Fr Stephen… 

As you know, this past week I had the good fortune of going to Indianapolis for a young adult conference.  In fact, before I left I had asked you for your prayers and I thank you for that because everything went very well.  ... Read More »