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Grilling to Glory

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 5/29/19

From the Desk of Fr Stephen...

As you know, we have now gone 5 weeks with a new neighborhood outreach here at the Rock called “Grill to Glory”.  It seems that the parish and the neighborhood have both bought into this project.  I am very grateful for all of ... Read More »

Just Do It

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 5/22/19

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

It seems every day brings more and more events and projects. Our to-do list just grows and grows. Our new Parish Council met last night and one of the first statements made was the fact that we do a lot of talking, but ... Read More »


Posted by Patricia Garnett on 5/18/19

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

Prayer can basically be defined as a conversation with God. The Catholic Church recognizes 5 forms of prayer (blessing, petition, intercession, thanksgiving & praise) and 3 ways of expressing our prayer (vocal, meditation, contemplative). I’ll admit from the outset that some of those ... Read More »

Happy Mothers Day

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 5/08/19

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ, 

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who have lovingly mothered someone, whether that be biological, adoptive, foster or just lovingly cared for those children who have come into your life. Not to take anything away from our fathers, especially those who went ... Read More »

Ministries & Projects

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 5/02/19

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

I pray your Easter was a happy time spent with family and friends, and a truly joyful celebration of our Lord’s Resurrection and the life He won for us. I want to, once again, thank each and every person who participated in The Visitation. Our ... Read More »