Card Party Sunday!

Nov 12, 2015

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

Well it's here once again, Card Party Sunday! I hope you're all ready for a day of fun and fellowship. While I know it is a lot of work, and is also very important to us financially, it is also important to focus on the social dimension of our Card Party. It is important for a parish to get together from time to time and fellowship, building up the Body of Christ, and remembering why we gather together as a community. While this can certainly be fun, it does demand some hard work. However, if we all pitch in and are willing to help one another, then the work becomes so much easier and we bear witness to the strength of our community.

Perhaps you've sold your ad, donated your prize, bought your tickets and table, and are planning on spending the afternoon relaxing and playing cards with your friends. I would invite you to do two more things: First, get up from time to time and go find someone you do not know (I doubt if there is anyone in the parish who knows everyone?) and introduce yourself. I challenge everyone at the Card Party today to get to know at least one knew person. Secondly, if you are relaxing and enjoying yourself, and you notice someone who has been working non-stop the whole afternoon, why don't you volunteer to do their job for 15-20 minutes (selling tickets or serving food or collecting trash), so they too can relax or grab something to eat. After all, it is not about being served, but serving one another in the spirit of Jesus Christ. -- Let us all have a fun and an enjoyable afternoon.

I want to thank Pat Jackson and others who have been asking for a ramp into the gym. I realize it has taken us a while, but when you see our new gym access you will see that it is more than a simple DIY project. As soon as you start something like this you have to meet all kinds of codes and the whole project soon snowballs. Once we had all the plans on paper we realized that it would cost us about $25,000.00 to add that little ramp (and new porch, and curb, and custom rails, and bollards, and custom door, and door opener, and...). Luckily Mark Kamp, who of course oversaw the   project, thought to ask the Archdiocese if they had any funds for such  projects. They did, and donated about $23-24,000, which is a good reason to contribute to Archdiocesan funds like the ACA. Besides a ramp, we have added hand rails, a wider door for wheelchair access and an automatic opener. I know this will greatly help many of us have easier access to our gymnasium.

In the Redeemer,

Fr. Rick