Card Party Sunday!

Nov 7, 2018

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

Well it’s CARD PARTY Sunday!!! This event has been going on for well over 50 years. In fact, I was unable to find out exactly when it started. Some parishioners and staff clearly remember it happening in the early 70’s. In the early years it was held in various hotels, such as, the Chase. Then it came to The Rock for a while. After years of the overflow crowd being upset that they were down in the Parish Hall (this was before bingo), and even turning some people away, we moved the event to Cardinal Ritter for several years. While that gave us more room, it was a challenge to, once again, have to transport everything off site and pay for the privilege. And so, we have been back at The Rock for a few years now.

As I mention in the Ad Book, in one sense, this will be our last year in this gym/kitchen. Since immediately following The Card Party we will begin the renovations. We will be doing some major upgrades to our kitchen, which will really help our Fish Fry, which is our second major fundraiser. We will also be re-doing the floors, painting, adding new lights and a number of other improvements. One improvement will be revealed to all those attending the Card Party today. (Sorry, you’ll have to wait if you didn’t buy a ticket.)      

Of course, I want to thank everyone who helped plan and execute this very important event. Thanks also to all who sold ads & tickets, everyone who donated prizes, food & beverages, and especially to all who plan on attending. It truly takes the efforts of the entire parish. Let’s have a wonderful time and enjoy one another’s company!           

One last challenge: At some point today, get up and go introduce yourself to someone you don’t know, especially our new parishioners and visitors. One of the reasons why we do all this work is that we have an opportunity to fellowship, but if you just visit with the other three people at your table then you’ve missed a great opportunity. It is also a great opportunity to make our new parishioners and visitors/benefactors feel like they are truly part of the Rock family.           

Finally, I hope you all have a fun and enjoyable time today. May God continue to bless us, and may we continue to be good and worthy stewards of the gifts that our Lord entrusts to us. Let us continue to proclaim the Good & Joyful News of the Gospel and to build the kingdom here at the corner of Cook & Grand.


In the Redeemer,

Fr. Rick