Card Party Time!

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


        It’s CARD PARTY TIME!!! I know everybody is filled with excitement and anticipation. It is not only our largest fundraiser, but one of our biggest social

gatherings as well. The Rock Card Party goes back over 50 years. It has been held at The Chase and other hotels, our own parish (a bit of a tight fit for those who remember those days) and for the last decade or so, at Cardinal Ritter Prep. I am so grateful for their very generous hospitality.

I trust you have made your reservations. If you haven’t, please do so as soon as possible, so that you have your choice of venue: the gym where all the excitement is or the bingo room, which is uncharacteristically quiet for a Rock gathering. If you’ve never been to one of our Card Parties, let me explain one thing, you don’t have to play cards. In fact, most people don’t. Some do of course, everything from solitaire to rummy to bridge. Some bring board games and others just come to

socialize with family and friends.


Since this is our primary fundraiser I am asking every adult parishioner to:

  • By a ticket and come and have some fun with your sisters & brothers in Christ.
  • I do realize that there are reasons why you may not be able to be present on November 9th. If that is the unfortunate case, then I would ask you to consider buying a “spiritual table” so you can be present in spirit if not in the flesh.
  • I’ve asked everyone to sell 20 raffle tickets. It was decided to switch from selling books of tickets to just one $5 ticket in order to cut back on expenses and hassle. But you can assure anyone that the odds remain the same.
  • Please try to sell at least one advert. It is great advertising for any business that you regularly patronize.
  • Please donate something for our attendance prize table. Everybody likes to be a winner, and this is always a big favorite. We usually suggest something in the neighborhood of $15-$20. It’s also fun to be creative and donate something a bit different, but you’ll always find a wide range of items to choose from when your name is called.
  • If you have something of a bit more value that you’d like to donate, you might consider our auction table. (A note to all our bidders: remember, this is a fundraiser, not a going out of business sale.)
  • Please keep the success of the Card Party in your prayers.

Finally, come and have fun!


I truly want to thank Kendra for willingly accepting the challenge to head up the Card Party Committee, as well as the entire committee for all the work you are doing. There is an awful lot of work that is needed to pull all this together and have a successful event. Last year’s event was the most lucrative on record and a great time. If we all do our part then there is no doubt that it will be another big success.

In the Redeemer,

Fr. Rick