Come Follow Me

 Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

       In last Sunday's Gospel, all Jesus said was "Come follow me," and Andrew, Peter, James and John left everything behind and followed Jesus. This Sunday the people are awe struck. They can hardly believe the authority with which Jesus speaks. But we know it won’t be long before the religious leaders start to plot Jesus's demise. And these awe struck people, along with those who will shout "Hosanna! Hosanna!" will all turn on Jesus, and His faithful disciples will deny even knowing Him.

We all shout our praises while at church on Sunday, proclaiming our blessings. But how long does it take before we are complaining once again? How long before we forget all those blessings and complain about what we don't have? Sometimes you just have to stop speaking and take a good look at all those blessings God has given you. Sometimes you have to stop looking at yourself and poke your head up and take a good look around at the plight of your neighbor, and only then try to deny your blessings.

 We humans can have very short memories. We tend to want what others have, without ever taking a good hard look at what God has given us. Why don't you enter a daily reminder in your calendar app: "5 minutes to say Thank You Lord!" Or perhaps text a friend to remind them to pause for a moment in their day to say, "Thank You!" to the One who made it all possible.

Amidst all the things we have to remember each day, let us not forget to thank our good and gracious God.


Thank You Lord! your grateful servant,

Fr. Rick