Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

Today we will be enjoying our annual picnic. I hope you are planning to join us. It is always a great event, and a wonderful opportunity to fellowship and build community. As you know, this year we celebrate 150 years. While it is great to reflect on all that has been done, and we should acknowledge those who have gone before us, we also owe something to those who will come after us. We have been entrusted with a wonderful treasure! The ‘Rock’ has a great reputation throughout the city and beyond. What legacy are we leaving to our children?

There is no debating that our city is fractured, divided in numerous ways. Years ago, Greg Freeman was preparing to write an article that was supposed to speak on the subject that nowhere are we more divided than on Sunday morning. But then a friend told him to come to The Rock. The article changed as he talked about the one exception he had found at the corner of Cook & Grand. He then converted to Catholicism and became a member. We still have a wonderfully mixed community, which is a true treasure and great model for our city. Today we have the opportunity to strengthen that community, and so, I encourage you to move beyond your usual circle of family and friends. I challenge you to introduce yourself to at least one person that you do not know, or ask the name of that person you have been saying hi to each Sunday, but have never known their name.

Let us use this wonderful opportunity to strengthen our community and be an even better model for our city. Let us be The Body of Christ for one another, for our neighbors and especially for those who feel alone and living fractured lives.


In the Redeemer, 


Fr Rick

P.S. As much as we do not like to think about it, the day comes when we will lose a loved one. Of course, my staff and I are here to help. We will also be scheduling another series of talks on end of life decisions, which is something all of us should do. One thing I would ask is that you speak to one of us before setting a date or time for the funeral. Sometimes family members or mortuaries can put pressure on you for a certain date or time, but I urge you to call us first because there may be a conflict of which you are unaware.