Fellowship with Young Adults

Feb 16, 2019

From the desk of Fr Stephen 

As you will recall, last summer I attended the Dialogue meeting of young adults in Canandaegua, New York with four of our parishioners.  That event was hosted by the Redemptorists.  Just last month, I was able to go to Indianapolis for another young adult convention, this one sponsored by many of the college university campuses. There happened to be about 18,000 people at this convention.  Both events were good in their own way.  It is always good to go to things that are uplifting.  At both events, I saw young people, mostly in their 20’s, longing to connect with one another, their Catholic faith, and with God.  It was good for them, but also for me.

One of the things that I have struggled with since attending these conferences, however, is wondering what to do now.  After all of the hoopla of these types of events, the students return home or to their university, but for one reason or another, the same kind of energy is not there.  One of the realities we have to face in working with young people is that they are already spread pretty thin in terms of time commitments.  Hopefully, however, our young people will see the value in getting together on a regular basis. 

I am hoping now to bring some of this young energy together here at the Rock.  I know there are young adults in the parish, 21-35, who are looking to renew their faith and fellowship with others.  It would be nice to be able to develop something within the parish, and maybe branching out to the deanery, a program of sorts, that will offer young people the opportunity to deepen their faith with others their same age.  After all we as a church, need young people to help us pass on the faith to the next generation.  But we also want to meet their needs as Catholics and parishioners.

Tuesday, March 5th, is Fat Tuesday, the day before Lent begins.  We are going to use this occasion to draw young adults from around the parish and beyond, to dine and have some fun and games with us.  We are going to host a crawfish and shrimp boil in honor of Mardi Gras in our newly finished gymnasium at 6:00 pm.  All young adults 21-35 are invited.  We will use the occasion for fun and entertainment, but also to hold a short meeting to try and understand what young adults are looking for in terms of fellowship in the parish and strengthening their faith.  We need you to bring your creative ideas with you as we walk together.