From the desk of Fr Stephen

This week we are going to be celebrating our REVIVAL.  I am hoping we all make an effort to be there. The Revival starts on Sunday at 4:00 pm. Fr. Tom will give the talk, and his central theme will be the unconditional Love of God.  We may offer conditional love to one another, but God, in His goodness, loves us unconditionally.  On Monday the service is at 6:00 pm. I will be the main speaker and talk of our wounded selves and bring this woundedness to Jesus, the Divine Physician, to heal us.  There will be an anointing service during the evening, so please come if you want to be anointed by God.  The final night is Tuesday at 6:00 pm.  Fr, Rodney will celebrate mass for us.  It is so important to realize Jesus, the Son of God, is with us every time we come to mass.

I have talked about the Redemptorists quite a bit since I have been here. I remind myself daily that I am a Redemptorist priest and not an Archdiocesan priest. St. Alphonsus started our congregation to preach missions to the country people of southern Italy. These were people that no other priest wanted to work with, and Alphonsus went out to serve them.  This was in the mid 1700’s and Redemptorists have been giving these parish missions ever since. It is the main reason we Redemptorists were founded, and so again, I ask you to make every effort to come to these three nights. I could give many stories of people I have met at a mission, and the mission changed their lives.  We never really know how God will touch us during this very special time, but it will not happen if you do not come.  God’s presence will be with us. We have nothing to fear in terms of COVID. God will be with us. We are safe. The blessed goodness of God will wrap us in His loving arms and be with us. See you on SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY.

I want to pass along some very unfortunate news to you.  The granddaughter of Brenda Mahr, Isis, was killed in a drive-by shooting this past week. This young lady was 19 years old and had just graduated from Cardinal Ritter High School. She was planning on attending college this next semester by starting nursing school. She had given part of her life to end gun violence, and now she is a victim herself.  It is very disturbing for us to hear of another victim of this senseless violence, especially of someone so close to home.  One is left to wonder what is going on in the mind of someone who kills another indiscriminately. It just makes no sense. Are these young people hurting so much in their own lives they seek out ways of destroying someone else?  Our hearts go out to Brenda and her family.  There is no way we can put ourselves in Brenda’s shoes and try to understand. For those who have suffered the loss of a loved one in this senseless violence, our prayers go out to you.  May Isis rest in peace.