From the desk of Fr Stephen April 18, 2021

From the desk of Fr Stephen

Thomas Edison was a great inventor.  There are many things that he helped to bring about to make the lives of people easier.  His most famous invention was the light bulb.  He tried many things as a filament in the bulb to make the light work.  He was disappointed many, many times when the filament did not work.  One evening he stood outside his lab as the whole building was burning in flames.  He was fascinated by this and called his son to come out and see the fire.  His son did come and became sad, saying to Edison he was so sorry that all of his work was now burning up.  Edison responded that all was not lost.  Now his mistakes were gone, and tomorrow they would start fresh anew. What an attitude Thomas Edison had!  It is no wonder he accomplished so much with such a positive attitude.  I like that idea of starting fresh anew.

In the Gospel story today, Jesus has risen and is now appearing to his disciples.  The first thing he says to them is, “Peace be with you.”  What a beautiful thing to say to them.  They were sitting there, confused about what to do next.  Their whole lives had changed with the death of Jesus. Some were feeling bad about it; they had denied and abandoned him.  Jesus appears to them and offers Peace.  He forgives them and He wants them to start fresh anew. 

For me, this is excellent news.  This news is every bit as good and important as the fact of Jesus rising from the dead.  Despite our sinfulness, we are loved by God and offered another chance to start over with our lives.  Although others may not forgive us in our everyday lives, Jesus always gives us a chance to start fresh again.  This should help us in our relationship with him.  He does not want to make us feel bad about our mistakes.  He wants us to do better the next time, but with Jesus, there is always the next time.  He never turns his back on us.  We should never forget this.  Jesus does not give up on us and asks us not to give up on one another.  Peace be with you.

I mentioned at Mass this past Sunday that I wanted to have a picnic this summer.  Maybe this is a big dream and not possible, but I hope we can.  We may modify the day a bit so that people are spread out and maybe bring their food, but it would be good to get together.  We will pray about it as time goes by, and perhaps God will grant our wish.

I know some of you have not been to church or have not even had many visitors in your own homes.  I want to reach out to you and say if you want someone to come to visit you with communion or anointing, we will try as best we can to do that for you.  Have a great week!