From the desk of Fr Stephen June 14, 2020

From the desk of Fr Stephen

Today we celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi; the Body and Blood of Jesus the Lord. I have always looked forward to this feast day because of the marvelous gift that Jesus has given us in the Eucharist. Every time we come to Church, whether it is for sacred Mass or just to pop in for a visit, we are in the presence of the Son of God. St. Teresa of Avila says that the saints and angels in heaven and the people still living on earth are in the presence of the same God. I do think some of us forget this reality or we need to pray to God to strengthen our faith to BELIEVE in his presence TRULY.

When we gather today at Church, we gather as the Body of Christ. We are His Mystical Body, who are charged with spreading the Good News of the risen Christ. As the Body of Christ, we cannot idly sit back and watch this Body be broken apart by hatred and violence. St. Paul reminds us today that we are One Body and we cannot allow this Body to become infected. In the same way that a human body can become diseased and die, the Body of Christ can become diseased. We cannot allow this to happen – we must root out everything that does not stand in the name of Jesus Christ.  

Last Sunday afternoon, Fr. Rodney and I went to the corner of Lucas-Hunt and Natural Bridge. We joined about 200 other people in a protest march down to the UMSL campus. It was a very hot day and there were not many spectators, but I think the march was effective. Some people spoke before the march about the need for change. There are probably a lot of things that need to change, but one of the things that was brought up several times was the need to get out and vote. Voting is one area where we can do a lot better. No one can take away this right and we need to learn to exercise it more. As the Body of Christ, we have a voice. Our voice is one of the essential parts of the Body, the right to speak out against anything that is not of Christ. We need to continue to gather our members together and organize ourselves so things can change.

In Monday’s Post-Dispatch, there was a photograph of some children lying on the ground in protest about a Police Officer in Florissant who struck a Black man with his SUV. I was heartened to see this because young people are the answer to the problem. Each parent/guardian needs to teach their children about God creating every person in the world in His image; because of that, all people need to be loved. God creates each person as He sees fit, and we have no right to do damage to anything God has created with so much love.