From the desk of Fr Stephen June 7, 2020

From the desk of Fr Stephen

Every year we celebrate the feast of the Most Holy Trinity the Sunday after Pentecost.  The Trinity; God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is not something we can fully understand but is an article of our faith which has been handed down to us from Jesus Christ Himself.  Maybe one way to understand it would be to use the analogy of water.  Water can take the form of a mist or fog, it can be solidified and turned into ice, or it can appear as running water in a stream.  All these things are water, but they are different forms of water.  The three persons in the Trinity are all God but comprise different aspects of this same God.  Again, this is not easy to understand, but we try.  God is good.

Trying to understand the Trinity can be confusing for us, but many things in our world are confusing to us.  Living during this time of the pandemic is certainly confusing.  Our lives have been disrupted in a profound way.  People are sick, people are out of work, people are wondering if they should go out and socialize some.  I hope we continue to be prudent about what we are doing.  It is still very important for us to remember the virus is still out here and we must be careful about how we go about our business.

These can also be confusing times in terms of what has been happening around the country in terms of social protesting.  The act of brutality and subsequent death of George Floyd is very disturbing for us, but so is the way many have chosen to deal with his death.  Social protest is one thing, but the looting and burning of buildings makes no sense at all.  Things certainly must change regarding equality in our country, but how is burning and looting helping in any way?  If you and I are confused can we imagine what Jesus, the Son of God, might be saying.

Several weeks ago, we celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus, and then two weeks ago I spoke about Jesus rising to heaven to be with His Father once again.  I mentioned that the Father wrapped His arms around His Son and said, “Welcome home Son, a job well done.’  And yet there still seems to be so much to do.  Was Jesus’ death and resurrection all in vain?  Why do people, after just celebrating Jesus rising from the dead, continue to act in ways that make His rising seem to be so pointless?  I guess all we can do is our part to bring love into this wounded world.  Each of us is going to have to stand before the judgement seat of God and have God look into our eyes and answer the question, “Were you part of the problem or the solution?  Did you bring about life or death?”  We must choose life and peace in Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior.