From the desk of Fr Stephen Mar 14, 2021

From the desk of Fr Stephen

As you know, we sent out a survey to the parish recently with many questions.  We had 106 people respond and I am very grateful for those who took the time to respond.  It was, and is, helpful in planning our future together.  Remember, although I am the pastor and am doing all I can for the parish while I am here, my stay here is limited.  Many of you will be here long after I am gone, so the onus of participation and planning falls on you.  All of us need to be prudent and diligent in our efforts now.  We need to continue the life and spirit of the “Rock” for many more years to come.  With that in mind, I want to gently challenge you in your investment to the parish.  I am sure you are in this parish, at this time, because you really want to be here.  In this day and age, a person can pick and choose where they want to worship, and I am glad you are here.

Recently, the committee reviewed the survey results and presented them to the Parish Council.  There was much to talk about from the questionnaire.  Many people responded with comments about what more we need to be doing in terms of evangelization.  It is good to hear from you, but I want to encourage you, then, to take on some of these challenges yourselves.  There is still plenty to do and we need people to help as best they can.  We did not have Sign Me Up Sunday last year where everyone would sign up for specific ministries.  I would love to have a team going out regularly to the neighborhood asking people if we can be of service to them in any way, and then asking them if they have a place of worship, and if not, inviting them to join us on a Sunday morning.  I also want to get Grill to Glory started again.  I want our backyard filled with people on a Saturday, not just coming for food, but to have a good time.  I would love to see people playing volleyball or going over to use the gym for basketball, but we need people to get involved.  Please think about it.

The second challenge I want to present people with regarding to their tithing.  We, as a Catholic Church, do not ask people to tithe.  Tithing means you set aside a percentage of your earnings for charitable things.  In round numbers, we would love to have parishioners contribute 10% of their earnings to charity, with 5% coming to the church.  In other words, if you are making $50,000, you would set aside $5,000 for charity, with $2,500 coming to the “Rock.”  If you make $100,000, it means you are contributing $5,000 to the church.  All of this requires making a budget and following through on it.  The church must survive.  In the past, we relied on savings from previous generations.  We have no more savings; it is all gone.  We need to begin building our savings up again for the next generation.  I know you will take these comments seriously and respond as you can.  I do appreciate your service and encourage you to continue.