From the desk of Fr Stephen March 22, 2020

Mar 25, 2020

From the desk of Fr Stephen

This past Sunday my homily focused on the belief of the Samaritan woman and then asking ourselves just who and what we believe in.  Today’s gospel follows along the same lines.  Jesus cures the man born blind.  The Pharisees and Scribes do not like this because Jesus cures on the Sabbath.  The man is not really sure who Jesus is, but is very grateful that he has been cured.  Eventually, Jesus finds the man and asks him if he believes in the Son of Man.  The man wants to know who it is so that he might believe.  Jesus says he is the one and the man responds I do believe.  It’s a beautiful story and it does challenge us to our belief system.  Do we really believe in an all loving merciful God?  If we do this should really help us in times of doubt.

I give this example today because our society, country, and world is not at peace right now.  For once, it is not about people killing each other, but about a tiny micro-organism that is doing the damage.  People are in a panic about COVID-19.  We can hardly blame people for being nervous because our opponent, the virus, is so small we don’t know where it is hiding.  Does the person I just shared the elevator with have the virus?  They seemed to have a runny nose.  Does that mean I am infected?  I was in Sam’s this past week, and everyone was busy in the store, making sure they got their allotment of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.  Unfortunately, both of those items were sold out.  I don’t think Black Friday had as much activity as what has taken place in our country this past week.

We all have to take a moment to stop and breathe.  Yes, the virus may continue to spread some before we contain it, but God is in the moment.       It might make us stop and breathe, not just the air, but of the mercy and goodness of God.  When we breathe, stop, and think, we are breathing in God’s beauty and trusting that everything is going to be OK. 

Jesus reminds us also in the gospel that worry is useless.  The flowers and birds don’t worry and see how God takes care of them.  Coincidentally, I have found myself recently listening to the birds in the back yard more.       I know part of this is the springtime that is fast approaching.  Everywhere      I have ever lived, I have always enjoyed the birds chirping as the weather gets warmer.  I have especially enjoyed listening to the cardinals.  I have always enjoyed listening to the Cardinal broadcast of baseball on the radio, and now I hear them singing in the back yard of the church.  It is free for anyone else if you want to come and listen with me.  Have a great week.