From the desk of Fr Stephen May 30, 2021

From the desk of Fr Stephen

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity.  It is a concept we, as humans, find hard to understand.  How can there be three persons in one God?  I will not try to explain this at all, except to say we believe in one God and that this God is good and holy, and that God has created us humans: men and women of all races, as his cherished people.  We have been made in God’s image and need to remind ourselves constantly of the goodness of the other person.  We see too much hatred and violence in our world.  We need to be people of God who want to bring the love of God to one another. I am reminded constantly by Pope Francis that we need to remember that the world is a group of people who need to unite ourselves instead of destroying ourselves.  Every day, we, as God’s chosen ones, need to be the advocate for one another.  We must be ever vigilant in bringing God’s love.  We must always try and look to what unites us rather than what divides us. We, here at the Rock, must continue to do our part.  Now that some of the COVID restrictions have been lifted, we can resume our pastoral ministry in our community.

  1.  This summer, we will be hosting a rally in our backyard sponsored by the Urban League.  We have held this rally before.  It is          intended to draw attention to the violence that continues to plague our city.  The last time we hosted this event, it attracted about   200 people from around the city, although not that many from the parish.  There will be speakers addressing the issue, and then we  will all march down Grand Blvd. to the Boys and Girls Club.  I invite everyone to be a part of this important event, even if you do not live in the neighborhood.  All of us need to be a part of the solution of peace over violence.
  2. On June 12th at 11 am, and every Saturday thereafter, we will once again be hosting Grill to Glory.  We are coordinating teams once again that can help to serve food and drink.  We all must take ownership of the social ministry done at our parish.  We advocate a community of active Christians who step out of their comfort zone and do more than just attend Mass on Sunday. 
  3. We are also planning on a parish gathering on Sunday, July 11th, after Mass.  We are inviting everyone to attend.  We invite you to bring your own food, as this will be the first time we have gathered as a parish outside of Mass.  We are trying to do everything we can to ensure safety for everyone.  It will not be quite like the past picnics, but I think it is important to get together.

This past Sunday, we saw the largest crowd yet to come back to church.  There were 181 who came to worship.  I am very touched by this.  I ask God to be with us as we move forward.  Please continue to spread the word about all we do here.  The ROCK is a very special place and needs to be shared.