From the desk of Fr Stephen May 9, 2021

From the desk of Fr Stephen

What is love?  What a question to ask, but I think it is a really good one.  I suppose we could answer that question in many different ways.  And I guess a further question would be, what are we talking about when we say we love a particular thing.  Are we talking about loving our favorite ice cream, favorite football team or a child or our spouse?  Certainly, there is a difference between loving chocolate chip ice cream and loving our mother.  And what about loving God?  Is loving God different than loving anything else?  I think so.  When Jesus was on earth, someone asked him what the greatest commandment was, and he said to love God above all else and your neighbor as yourself.  It sounds simple enough, but we all know it is not as easy as it sounds.

The readings today talk about love, but they come to the question from a different perspective.  In the second reading, St. John talks about love but says it is far more important that God loves us than that we love God.  In fact, we are only able to love God because He has first loved us.  We should thank God, then, for this virtue of love.  I think it is fair to say that we are capable of love only because God has first loved us.  He has called us forth into this world because He has loved us and wants us to love Him in return.  When we hear in Genesis that God created humans in His image, this is really what the author is talking about, i.e., the capacity to love.  No other creature God has ever created has this same capacity for love as the human person.  And really, what you get down to is this, if we want to imitate God, then we must love.  The more we love, the more we become imitators of God.  The more we love, the better friend we are with God and He with us.

I have mentioned many times my desire to start Grill to Glory back up again.  I am targeting Saturday, June 5th for this.  I think the first week or two might be slow, but the word will get out.  We will be in the backyard from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.  I am looking for help with this.  If anyone wants to help us, please call the office and we will put you on the list.  I am hoping we have enough people to do this.  In the past, not only did we have food available, but also games for the children.  Again, we do not have to have everything like it was a year ago, but I could use some help, especially with the kids.  If anyone is so inclined, I do need someone to head up this part of the project.

Last Sunday, we had Cardinal Ritter use our church for their Senior mass.  I am glad they asked to use our church.  I like to keep a good relationship with them.  They were very grateful, and I thank all those who helped with the mass.