From the desk of Fr Stephen Nov 21, 2021

From the desk of Fr Stephen

I want to thank everyone that was involved with the card party this past weekend. Some of our members did a lot of work and I want to thank them for it. Some of our members wanted to have this party in person but that will come in time. I really liked the board that was provided; it made it a lot easier to call the numbers and keep everything straight. If people want to play bingo more often, I think we could allow people in the gym; we could even do this every three months if anyone wanted to get together to play. I think it would be an excellent way for our members to see one another more regularly.

I am happy the WALL has been completed. I owe a big thank you to Mark Kamp for the work done. I realize some members have been upset about the whole procedure. Some of this I can understand but not everything. I feel the need to try and explain everything once again, all the while knowing that this explanation will still not satisfy everyone.

Several months ago, a large portion of the inside of the wall fell into the parking lot. We investigated this spot and found that the wall cement was all gone. Nothing was holding the wall together from the inside. The wall then began leaning near the parking lot entrance and we knew it would eventually fall. Any responsible person knew that something needed to be done immediately, so we took the wall down. As we were putting the wall back up, some members became upset that there were no African American workers on the job site. I am sorry we did not meet that need; again, my explanation will not satisfy everyone. The people who contracted for the work are specialized workers. The technical workers who completed the job are trustworthy and reputable. We had some work done with this group before and we trusted them. Besides, we could not have completed the work before raising the money. I, for one, am very grateful the job is completed.

We are going to be doing some major fundraising for the parish. Besides this part of the wall, we have about a quarter mile of another part of the wall that needs attention. There is some leaning on the main square of the wall at the front of the church. I ask you all to please be patient and understanding with the process.

We have a beautiful legacy here and it may be time to ensure THE ROCK is still standing for another 150 years.

Have a great week.