From the desk of Fr Stephen Nov 28, 2021

From the desk of Fr Stephen

As some of you may know, the Archdiocese will undergo a restructuring in the next couple of years. There was a general meeting held about four weeks ago for the pastors and those closely associated with the running of parishes. They described for us what they saw as a possibility for the future. The Archdiocese is calling this process “All Things New”. They have hired an independent group from the East to help with the process. The Archdiocese is going to be looking at every parish and evaluating them. There may be some closings and mergers of parishes, but the Archdiocese does not want the people to think we are dying. They are thinking of restructuring as a new way of looking at what we do here. They are hoping that the changes, if any, will bring new life to the Archdiocese. They are asking the faithful to be open to these challenges. Yes, things will probably be different, and this is very scary for some of us. We like things just as they are and we do resist change.

Even though the Redemptorist priests and brothers guide our parish, we have been asked to join this journey. As a Redemptorist Parish, we may be tempted to say none of the things the Archdiocese is going through has anything to do with us. However, this would be a misreading of signs of the times. As Redemptorists, we are going through a time of reassessment. We are also looking at our ministry sites and going through times of change. But even if we weren’t, this is a time when we need to be in solidarity with those who may endure some change. We are not an isolated entity within the Archdiocese. What affects the Archdiocese is going to have some effect on us.

The Northside parishes are not the only ones being scrutinized at this time. Every parish is going through this same process and we want to accompany the Archbishop as this is taking place. We are assembling our own team here at the Rock to help us deal with anything the Archdiocese might be asking of us. It is good for us to pray for the future. No one knows exactly what this future might hold, but we certainly have the faith that God will be with us as it all unfolds. This journey is just one more thing the Good God is asking of us at this time. We have lived in a time of uncertainty for the last couple of years with the Coronavirus, and this might be just one more thing we need to rely on God for His help.

This is not a bad thing, by the way. I do ask God to embrace us at this time and shower us with His blessings.