From the desk of Fr Stephen Nov 7, 2021

From the desk of Fr Stephen

This week, I am writing to remind you of the calendar of events taking place here at the Rock this month. Many things are happening! As you know, this Sunday we are welcoming Fr. Joseph Brown, S.J. for our Mass. Fr. Brown has been here many times in the past and has been invited for Mass today, but he will also go over to the gym with us and share some history on the Race War that took place 100 years ago in East St. Louis. You have already had the opportunity to see the video about the race war. The video will not be shown today, but Fr. Brown will lead us in a discussion about the video and how the race war has impacted us over the years. We have asked Fr. Brown to come in at this time because we are just starting November, which is Black Catholic History Month. Over the next several weeks, on Sundays especially, we will remind ourselves of the many Black heroes that have gone before us and their contributions to our world and faith. It is very good for us to remember our faith tradition as Black Catholics as we move forward. We have a vital role in our culture, city, and church because our continued TELLING OF THE STORY allows this story to be remembered. Last weekend we had the blessing of the ladders of remembrance, which is also very important as we remember people who have passed on in our lives. I hope we can make every effort to be at Mass these coming weeks and share the faith we profess with each other.

On November 14th, we will have the opportunity to take part in our annual Fall Festival/Card party at 1 pm; this is a significant event for the parish. I strongly encourage as many of you as possible to participate. Unfortunately, this year like last year, the event will be held virtually. I know some have expressed dissatisfaction with this, but let us remember, we are still in a pandemic. I have a brother-in-law who has been fully vaccinated and helps at a Cardinal Ritter retirement home who recently got COVID. He was sick for a couple of days even with the vaccination and because he got sick, my sister now must quarantine for ten days, so she is working from home. The retirement home where my brother-in-law helps now no one can go in to see their loved ones. We have been very fortunate, for the most part, at the Rock that we have not had more COVID cases than we have. We thank God for that and ask his intercession for protection in the coming months. And so YES, I would have liked to have had the Card Party in person this year, but I think it is best for everyone involved that we wait one more year.

Have a great week.