From the desk of Fr Stephen October 3, 2021

From the desk of Fr Stephen

These past couple of weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind for me.  Two weeks ago, Fr. Tom and I drove up to Mundelein, Illinois near Chicago, for a week of meetings about the future of our Redemptorists in the Denver Province.  We do this as a Province every couple years.  It is always nice to see guys I may not have seen for a while.  As Redemptorists, we have committed ourselves to work at the Rock for the future; this is good news.  We may have to leave some of our ministry sites because we do not have the manpower to do what we once could.  Last week, I was down at St. Clements in Liguori, where some of our sick priests and brothers live.  I gave a seven-day retreat to the Redemptoristine Nuns there at the convent.  They, like us, have faced a real shortage of women entering their order.  There are only four now at this convent.  The week was very nice but tiring.  I gave two talks every day plus a daily Mass and visited the sisters when they wanted to talk.  I do appreciate the prayers on my behalf during these two weeks.  It is nice to be back home.

This week’s readings talk about the need to be together as a family.  As humans, we are made to be in contact/community with one another.  It is strange when we hear of someone who is off alone by themselves all the time.  God wants us to live together in harmony.  In the reading from Genesis, God creates Adam and then tries to find a suitable partner for him.  He parades all the animals in front of Adam, but they are not what he needs. So, God casts sleep on Adam, takes a rib from him and creates Eve from Adam’s flesh.  This gives an excellent insight into how we are to live.  God created two people out of one flesh, which sets the stage for the community life we are supposed to live. 

We have all been created equal in the sight of God.  Why is it, then, that some feel they are more entitled to live than others?  If we have been created equal, why do some feel they must dominate and control another?  It is interesting that in the Gospel, Jesus is talking about marriage and the law of divorce.  In our day and age, it is a reminder for us of the equality of the sexes.  I read something recently that said that God did not create Eve out of Adam’s head so he could boss her around.  God did not create Eve out of the feet of Adam so he could kick her around.  God created Eve out of the side of Adam where Eve and Adam could be close to one another.  This is very good to see and remember again that we have all been created equal.  I ask God to hear our prayer.  All people have been created equal in the sight of God and we have no right to treat anyone else as lower than us. 

Have a great week.