From the desk of Fr Stephen September 19, 2021

From the desk of Fr Stephen

In St. Mark’s Gospel the last few weeks, Jesus has been curing people and the crowds have been enormous.  Because of this, the Apostles have gotten excited and began to believe Jesus is the promised Messiah.  They want to believe this Messiah, Jesus, will restore Israel to prominence and become a world power again.  Jesus, though, has tried to tell them they are missing the message.  Yes, Jesus is the Messiah, but he has not come to gain attention and fame in this life but to do what his Father wants.  Because of the crowds and the gathering excitement, it is hard for the Apostles to think of Jesus as a suffering Messiah.  They see Jesus as this great person and want to be a part of this greatness.  They begin to believe that because they are associated with Jesus, that they themselves are also great.  They talk among themselves about who is the greatest, and Jesus knows what they are discussing.  He calls a child in their midst and tells them they must become humble and innocent like a child.  He says that in God’s eyes, the more humble and vulnerable a person is, the greater glory they will receive from God.  It is not by making ourselves great in this world that makes God happy. Jesus says we must be the lowest of all and the servant of all; this is a tough lesson for the Apostles, and us, to live out.  Some of us would prefer instead to be served than to serve.  It is hard for us to imagine becoming the lowest person in the world, but this is exactly what Jesus does.  If we want to be a true disciple of the Lord, it is in this humble, giving manner; this is not an easy lesson, but one of infinite value in our search for God.

Next month, October 24-26th, we will be having a revival here at the Rock.  I hope all of you can make it.  Even though COVID is still devastating the country, we feel it is important to come together and hear the Word of God proclaimed to us.  This year’s revival is entitled Return, Renew, Revive.  The mission will be three nights and will be led by Fr. Rodney, Fr. Tom, and myself with each of us taking one night.  It is important in the life of a parish to take some special time to hear God’s message.  On Sunday, Fr. Tom will be speaking to us on the unconditional Love of God.  On Monday, I will lead us in a healing service with the anointing of the sick.  It has been a while since we have had an anointing here, so this will be a very important night.  On Tuesday, Fr. Rodney will speak about renewing our experience with Jesus, and we will celebrate Mass together.

I do want to thank everyone for being so patient during these challenging times.  I want to thank all those who continue to give of themselves even though COVID is around us.  I am very proud of everyone and the ministry we continue to provide.  Only God knows of the love that continues to pour forth from so many of us, even at the cost of our health.  I am so proud to be a part of this team and the joy we continue to spread. 

Have a great week!