From the desk of Fr Steve March 29, 2020

Mar 25, 2020

From the desk of Fr Stephen

In this week’s gospel reading we hear of the raising of Lazarus from the dead.  This is certainly an important reading for all of us to hear because we all have faith in the Resurrection.  In this particular example Jesus wants to make sure, without a doubt that Lazarus is dead.  He has been in the tomb four days.  Everyone is astounded when Jesus asks them to move the stone away.  He has been dead four days and the body certainly has begun its process of decomposing, but Jesus insists, and Lazarus arises.  Certainly, this must have had a great effect on everyone who saw it.  Jesus raises two other people in the gospel stories but no one who has been in the tomb for four days.  This scene must have come back to the minds of those who witnessed it many times.  What a scene.  Someone is raised from the dead who has been in the tomb for four days.  How did Lazarus spend the rest of his days until he passes on a second time?  It should give us comfort to realize we shall also rise to live with Jesus forever.

I am hoping that all are well and coping with the Coronavirus situation as best you can.  We have been asked by the government to limit our activities as much as possible.  Just about everyone we meet is a potential carrier, and so we must be cautious about being around other people.  It is going to start getting a lot worse before it gets better.  I was reminded the other day about a phrase that came out of England during WWII.  Germany was bombing England, and everything was all turned upside down.  People were panicking, as well they should, but the phrase said “STAY CALM.  CARRY ON.  A phrase all of us could use right now.  None of us has ever been through anything like this before.  There have been other pandemics down through history much worse than this.  It will pass, but we must remain calm during this storm.  If anyone needs any pastoral assistance at this time, do not be afraid to ask.

We are now offering Mass shown on Sundays.  The first Mass was said March 22nd and downloaded on YouTube,  Fr. Rodney gave a great inspiring homily, and I hope you enjoy it.  Malcolm was present, and there was music.  Offering Mass shown on Sundays is one good way for all of us to stay connected with God and each other.  This past week several people remarked to me by phone that they feel weird, out of touch, sinful because they cannot get to Mass.  I hope you can put those troubles aside.  We are doing the best we can do right now, and remember God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.  Have a nice week.