Good News--Sad News

Nov 18, 2017

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

I want to begin by thanking Fr. Greg for his service and wisdom today. I am sure all of you appreciate it if for no other reason than it is a break from hearing me. I also want to thank everyone who helped in any way with our annual Card Party. By the look of things it was another success! We sold out upstairs and, I believe, downstairs as well. A special thanks goes to Fr. Dave once again, who sold over $7500 in raffle tickets. While we won’t know the numbers for a little while, it was certainly an enjoyable time.

Along with the good news comes the sad, as we send home to God one of His Saints. And I spell that with a capital “S”! For surely Sr. Mary Antona Ebo, FSM was a living Saint. I was privileged to know her and even more so to call her my friend. My only true regret is that I am not there to be part of her home going, but I am glad that it will be here at The Rock as she had requested. And I am sure the North City will come together, with all her family and friends, to give her a joyful and worthy home going celebration.

I would like to share one memory. When I was editor of the Liguorian magazine, we decided to do a story on Sr. When I called to ask her, there was a bit of a pause before she answered. As I went on to explain I wanted to do more than just a story on her participation in Selma, all of a sudden she proclaimed, (I paraphrase) “Thank goodness, you’d think the only thing I had ever done in my life was walk across that bridge!” It is perhaps unfortunate that that event tends to overshadow the many other amazing things that Sr. Antona did in her life of service. One thing I know, that on Saturday morning when she appeared before those pearly gates, our Lord went out to meet her to put a robe around her shoulders and a crown upon her head and said to her, “Well done, very, very, well done, my good and faithful servant.

I would also like to express my condolences and prayers to Carolyn Yandell. Not only did she lose her husband, Ted, this week, but she was part of Sr. Antona’s inner circle of friends. I know this must be a very difficult time for her. Church, please keep her and her family lifted up in your prayers.

I will see you in about three weeks or so. May God continue to watch over you and may our Lord’s blessings continue to be showered upon you.


In the Redeemer,

Fr. Rick