Good Works

Mar 25, 2019

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

For the next three Sundays we have the option of proclaiming the C-cycle readings, since we are in the C-cycle, or we can proclaim the A-cycle readings. Normally the A readings are proclaimed in parishes that have people going through the RCIA process and who are going to be baptized at Easter. However, recently the Bishops gave every parish the flexibility to do so, because these readings are so significant. I have chosen to do the A readings, which include “The woman at the well.

The C readings include the parable of “the barren fig tree.” After not finding any figs on it for the third year, he was ready to chop it down. It was taking up space and using up nutrients, and yet, it was producing no fruit. The gardener begged for mercy. He pledged to take extra care in nurturing it for one more year, and then if it did not produce good fruit, then he would chop it down. Well church, our Lord has begged for mercy for us. He has sent The Spirit to strengthen and inspire us to produce good fruit. We are again reminded that simply “not sinning” is not enough. We must produce good fruit. We must do good works, in order of being worthy to remain in The Garden.

And speaking of good works, I am looking for some volunteers for some projects that I am looking to get done and need some help with. Some things just need a little time, while others require specific skills. I will be listing some of these projects and/or skills at the end of my letters in the coming weeks and months. If you are interested in one of them, or you just have some time to donate, I ask that you send me an email with your contact info and what skill you have to contribute or which project you are interested in. 

  • The first one is a directory we are putting together for the Brick Garden. I have created a map, and we are in the process of compiling a list of all the bricks. Eventually we will need help with finding which coordinate of the map each brick can be found in. Once we have this together we will print a book so that people can look up the brick they are interested in and more easily find it. This project just needs someone with some time and nice weather.
  • I have another project that needs someone with some desk-top publishing skills. I am looking for someone with skill in programs like Indesign or Publisher. I want to finish up the book that goes with our baptismal pool. Sid Reedy has done a lot of editing on the document. Now I need someone who can help with the layout. I have some ideas and would like to produce something that will not only be functional but nice looking and befitting our church.
  • Other projects include skills, such as, woodworking, sewing, cleaning, and even running errands.

In the Redeemer,


Fr Rick