Grilling to Glory

May 29, 2019

From the Desk of Fr Stephen...

As you know, we have now gone 5 weeks with a new neighborhood outreach here at the Rock called “Grill to Glory”.  It seems that the parish and the neighborhood have both bought into this project.  I am very grateful for all of the hard work and donations that have already been made and hope that we can continue to provide assistance.

The idea is that we are to continue to reach out to the neighborhood in a way that provides not just food, but an opportunity for fellowship.  I have used the example with some folks that we need help of both Marthas and Marys.  We need the Marthas to do the grilling and hauling tables and chairs and wrapping hot dogs and hamburgers, but we also need Marys to sit at tables and engage people and listen to their stories.  So far I think we have had an adequate amount of both, but we need to continue with it. 

I myself have been very impressed with the way the parish has reached out.  There are some very needy people in the neighborhood.  Some people are physically hungry, some emotionally, and some spiritually.  We are trying to provide assistance in all these areas without making people feel like they are just receiving a handout.  It is very important that we treat people with respect and honor in spite of the difficulties they may be going through. 

As the weeks go along, we hope to be able to have a tent out in the yard that says “St. Alphonsus ROCK Church” on it.  This will provide a name that people can associate with the event.  This tent will then be used for the picnic, and other things we might use in the yard.

Again, I want to thank all those that have already done so much.  The response from the parish has been great.  If you want to contribute food, we are always looking for hot dogs (ONLY BEEF PLEASE), hamburgers (ONLY BEEF PLEASE), buns, chips, water and soda.  You can bring them to the front office and they will then be put into the freezer in the kitchen.  Or you can contribute financially, we are looking to purchase a tent, cost of about $1000, or for hot dogs and hamburgers if you cannot get them yourself. 

We may be trying to set up teams so that people will not have to come every week, but for the moment things seem to be going very well.  Again, I want to thank all those who have already done so much.  Each week is getting a little larger, with 50 or more people from the neighborhood coming to enjoy the 2 hours we are out there.  God is very pleased with our efforts.