Happy Card Party

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,


     Happy Card Party! I want to once again thank everyone who has worked so hard in doing all that needs to be done to make this event a success, especially Kendra and David Martin for agreeing to take the leadership role. I know it is a very demanding job, not to mention the pressure of following in the shadow of Shannon, Monica and their teams, who did such a wonderful job for so many years. I want to thank them as well, for their continued help. I also want to thank everyone who made a donation, or convinced someone else (our benefactors) to make a donation. I hope everyone has a great time. I know I don't have to say it, but please make our guests feel at home, and let's all have fun.


I thank you for your prayers for our election process. It went very smoothly and I truly believe it was the Spirit that lead us to elect bold leadership. Fr. Steve Rehrauer will be our new provincial in January. For the last twenty-five years he has been teaching moral theology in Spain and Rome. Fr. Mat Kessler and Fr. John Fahey will be his consulters. Mat, the former president/publisher of Liguori, and John have both preached here in the last couple years. In October, Mat led a workshop for the staff and Parish Council. He began the day by stating that he believed The Rock was a very special place. Please keep these men and the four new EPC members in your prayers as they try to lead us where God needs us.


Steve, Mat and John believe that we must focus our ministry on the poor and most abandoned. They want to look for ways to improve our preaching and also believe that our charism should make our parishes look and feel different from a standard diocesan parish. I am sure you will be hearing more about this, especially since Fr. Maurice wrote the document that explains this, and he used the Rock as a model.


In the Redeemer,

 Fr. Rick