Happy Card Party Sunday!

Nov 13, 2017

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

Happy Card Party Sunday! As we celebrate our 150th jubilee it wouldn’t be complete without our annual Card Party. I certainly hope you are planning on attending after Mass. I know some people, especially those new to The Rock, get a bit confused over the title, but “no” you do not have to play cards at the Card Party. While some do, others play board games or dominos, others play bingo, and still others just eat and hangout with their fellow Parishioners. There is always good food and lots of different ways to win something from an attendance prize all the way up to our $1000 Grand Raffle, and even some wonderful auction items. Regardless of how you choose to spend your time, you are guaranteed to have a great time.

I want to once again thank everyone who had a hand in planning and/or participating in our wonderful celebration last Sunday. It was a truly amazing and inspiring celebration. Fr. Chuck said it just made him want to come back and preach all the more. Likewise, the Archbishop seemed to truly enjoy himself. I think he enjoys being back in an African-American style liturgy. Even his security person praised our well trained ushers and security. He said he will be recommending that other parishes pay us a visit. Everything from the drum call right on through to the reception was wonderful. I hope you got a chance to look at some of the historical displays and the “faith statements” that were on the video.

As you are probably aware, I am heading out of town on Tuesday. I am headed to our Retreat Center in Tucson for a Redemptorist Renewal Program. This is something that all the guys in our province are doing. We are spending a few weeks focusing on our Redemptorist charism and mission. We did something similar about 15-20 years ago, although it was a full month, and it was a wonderful experience. I must confess I haven’t taken a retreat in a couple years, so I am looking forward to some quiet time in the desert with some of my confreres. I ask for your prayers for myself and all the men of our Province, as we seek to recommit ourselves to laboring in the vineyard and living our vowed lives together in the spirit of St. Alphonsus. I also hope to take a few days off after the program to do a bit of photography.

We’ll be continuing our jubilee celebration with our annual Christmas Concert on December 10th. Then on the following Sunday, we are going to have a Christmas Party/Pot-Luck. And finally, we will close out the year with a Watch Night Service complete with champagne breakfast. I hope you put each of these dates on your calendar so you can participate in all of them. I am sure future generations will look back on us and how we serve the Lord, just as we look back on previous generations. I hope they see that we are not only serving The Lord, but we are doing it with joyful hearts. Rock Church let us PRAISE The Lord!

In the Redeemer,

Fr. Rick