Happy Easter!

We've made it my sisters and brothers. We have made our annual Lenten journey, we've accompanied our Lord through His Passion and death, and now we rejoice at the glorious news, "He got up!" It is Resurrection Day, the day of our salvation. It is the time of our redemption. Alleluia! Alleluia!! Alleluia!!!

I hope that your Lenten journey was fruitful. I pray that you were able to take the time to reflect on your faith, to repent of your sins and to realize how blessed you truly are. As a parish we used the book Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic to try and help us become a more viable and dynamic parish. Yes, even The Rock needs a jolt from the Holy Spirit from time to time.

In the coming months we will start to make preparations to celebrate our 150th anniversary as a parish. Yes, it has been 150 years since the corner stone was laid and the Holy Spirit took up residence at the corner of Cook & Grand. It was 150 years ago that the Redemptorist finally accepted the invitation of Archbishop Kenrick to come to St. Louis. They did so, on one condition that they would not run a parish - But God had other plans.

I told you last Sunday that God can even use you unwittingly, even when you are saying, "No, Lord." God can be planting seeds. About ten years after the church was built and people kept coming to mass here, even though it was not a parish, the Redemptorists finally submitted to the will of God and the requests of the bishop and turned The Rock from a mission church into a parish. And the rest, they say, is history. So start thinking about how you would like to celebrate this wonderful milestone, as we keep right on praising God here at the corner of Cook & Grand. And have a blessed and joyful Easter.

In the Redeemer,

Fr. Rick