Happy Easter

Apr 13, 2017

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,         

I pray that your Holy Week was blessed as you walked with your Lord through His Passion and Resurrection. While we spent 40 days in reflective preparation, we now have 50 days to celebrate Christ's Victory on the Cross! For three short days, darkness & sin thought they had won, but Light & Mercy had the last Word. Before the sun had risen in the sky, God had called His Son forth to rise from death into New & Everlasting Life. We are now called to remind ourselves that as Children of The Light we must always walk in The Light. We must be people of God's Grace as we model the compassion and mercy of God. 

I will be leaving tomorrow for Arizona. Every two years the members of our Province have meetings. Every other meeting is elective, where we elect our leadership; and the other one is legislative, where we take care of the business of the Province. With fewer and fewer men and shrinking financial resources we are facing some major challenges. We are further consolidating our formation system and moving the theology students to Texas. The experts have told us that every order that has tried to run its own health care facility has gone bankrupt. Therefore, we face some difficult decisions as we try to care for our senior guys, who have made a lot of sacrifices to serve the Church. We also must continually seek God's Will and discern how we can best serve God's people. While it is clear that the Hispanic community stands in great need, and many of our guys are being trained to do that ministry, I have my concerns for the future of African-American ministry in our Province. While I am confident that we will continue to minister at the ‘Rock’, I hope we can expand our ministry and encourage more of our young men to train for this ministry (especially since Fr. Maurice is in charge of the training program).

Please keep us in your prayers. It is never easy when you get this many men together from all over the country with an array of interests and an even greater range of viewpoints. Pray that we will listen to The Spirit and have the courage to trust to go where God leads us.


In the Redeemer,

Fr. Rick