Happy Picnic Day!

Jun 27, 2015

Dear sisters & brothers in Christ,

 Happy Picnic Day! 

           As I write this I am praying for good weather, and I hope my prayers were well received. Our picnic is always a great time to relax and fellowship, and of course, enjoy some great food. I personally love the time to visit with so many people. When I stand back and look across the yard, I see so many good people talking and laughing with family and friends, neighbors stopping by for some food, the kids playing, and so many people helping out to make the picnic a success, I realize that this is what it is all about. This is the heart of who & what we are. It is out of this loving and joyful community that everything else flows: our joyful worship, our ministries, our outreach, even our own personal prayer life. All of it begins with a healthy and loving community. Otherwise, we are just a bunch of people standing on the same street corner. But the real success of The Rock is found right here amongst people who love and care for one another, amongst people who know each other’s faults and failing, as well as, their gifts and talents. It is from this loving community that we draw our strength and faith to continue the journey, to continue to build the kingdom, to continue to trust and praise our good and gracious God.

            So have fun today, relax and enjoy each other’s company. Share a bit of shade with a neighbor. Pitch in and offer some help, so that all can enjoy the day. Get to know someone you don’t know (that’s why we are using name tags). Let us build a loving and healthy community that we might love and serve our God. 

In the Redeemer,

Fr. Rick