Happy Resurrection Day!

Happy Resurrection Day!

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

On behalf of the entire Redemptorist community and your parish staff, I want to wish all of you a very happy Easter, on this great “gettin’ up morning!” It is a glorious day for everyone on earth to arise, to leave the darkness of sin and despair behind and step into the Light. Rather than being condemned for crucifying The son of God, we have been bathed in God’s love and mercy. Instead of being cast into the underworld for our sins, we have been received into the Kingdom as adopted sons & daughters of the Most High Father.

We have been invited to be nourished at the Table of The Lamb and we joined Jesus, along with His disciples, for The Last Supper. We have remained faithful throughout His Passion and journeyed the long road to Calvary, and we witnessed our Lord laid in His tomb... So know this Rock Church, your Lord & Savior has embraced you, not just as Lord & Redeemer, but as a friend. A friend who will always be there for you. A friend who will never abandon you, and most definitely will never betray you. For Christ has offered Himself as the unblemished Lamb, the perfect Sacrifice; that He might forever destroy the chasm of sin and restore us to the love of The Father. I pray that you always feel the love of God coursing through your veins. That The Light of Christ banishes all darkness from your life. That the Peace of our Lord permeates your family and friends. That the Healing Hand of God be upon any of your loved one’s who are ill, whether in body, mind, or spirit. And, that the power of The Spirit’s presence emboldens your faith, that you might always trust your God and live according to the Will of The Lord.

And finally, I pray that the love of our Risen Savior radiates in your lives. So boldly peer into the empty tomb and know that your Redeemer, Jesus The Christ, lives! Rejoice for all the world, rouse the weary, stir the apathetic, and proclaim for all to hear...

Jesus Christ LIVES!

Alleluia!     Alleluia!     Alleluia! 

In the Redeemer,

Fr. Rick


P.S. Beginning this Wednesday, two members of our Redemptorist leadership will be visiting and evaluating our local Redemptorist community over the next week. They also want to visit with the parish staff, the Parish Council, Finance Commission, and members of the parish. They would like to hear how the parish is doing, and if there is anything they should be aware of. Next Sunday, Fr. John Fahey-Guerra will be our preacher, and Fr. John Schmidt will concelebrate along with Fr. Steve and myself. Then after each mass we will have Fellowship in the gym, where people will have an opportunity to speak with our Provincial Visitors. I hope you will all be here to demonstrate the life and vitality of our parish. And this will be a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have as well.