Have You Shared Your Faith Today?

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

I'll admit, I've never really been a fan of, or understood, the loud engine thing. How come men (and I guess some women) want EVERYONE to know how big an engine they have in their car. They'll spend a ton of money and time making sure it's as loud as possible. Then there are those TV shows of people’s home videos competing to see who did the most embarrassing thing that week. Then came social apps like Facebook and Twitter, where people inform the world every time they have gas.          

But when it comes to our faith, everything is a big secret. Why is that the part of our life that we least like to talk about. We Catholics are the worst. We criticize other religions for “proselytizing” and in our effort to not be accused of doing the same, we never say a mumbling Word. We offer all kinds of social and economic help, but we seldom offer the one thing we have that could help the most, our faith! Which in turn offers hope, reconciliation, healing, and so much more. I spoke with a young woman just this week, who has been going through all kinds of trials and tribulations for the last few years. She was going from agency to agency trying to get help for various needs. But she told me it wasn’t until she found God that she finally had hope to fight for what she really wanted and needed, her child.         

I think one of the reasons why we don’t talk about our faith is that we assume the people around us have their faith and everything is fine with it. But you never really know until you begin to talk about it. You’ll never know that someone close to you might be truly lost. They might be struggling with some huge problem, and they might even be ready to give up. Sometimes you don’t know when someone is just going through the motions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say after a suicide, “He/She was the last person I would have thought would do this.” or “He/She seemed to have it all together.” Offering someone faith in Jesus isn’t just about filling pews, or even keeping the doors of our favorite church open. It is about the person in front of us, and it’s about offering them something precious, something life changing. It is about healing the sick and lifting up the lowly and offering mercy to the sinner. It is about sharing the treasure that we have found. Isn’t that a better “Tweet” than what you had for breakfast?

In the Redeemer,


Fr Rick





In the Redeemer,


Fr. Rick