Memorial Brick Garden

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

One of the things that I did not get to do during our Jubilee Year was to install a few special bricks in our Memorial Brick Garden. Throughout our history, there have been a number of people who contributed to The Rock in special ways. Some of those people are already memorialized in the Brick Garden, but there are some who are missing, and their contributions deserve to be told. I have included a list of a few of the people I think ought to be included. I know there are many others, and so, I invite you to suggest names as well. 

What I am asking is if you feel a special connection to one or more of these people, or if you agree that they deserve to be recognized, that you consider making a donation towards their brick. I would like to get the larger brick so that we can include a brief description of their contribution. Those bricks are $200. Of course, you do not have to cover the total cost of the brick unless you want to. You may instead want to donate a portion of the cost, or even a portion for a few different people. 

  • Fr. James Higgins, C.Ss.R. - following Ritter's instructions, he was the pastor who closed St. Clement’s Chapel and integrated the Rock.
  • Fr. Joe Campbell, C.Ss.R. - invited a lot of the local (Black) community to become parishioners, he also opened our old pool to the neighborhood.
  • Fr. Joseph Fagen, C.Ss.R. - known throughout the Archdiocese as a wonderful confessor, he spent hours and hours every day hearing confessions, it is also rumored that he participated in the famous exorcism at SLU/Alexian Brothers' Hospital
  • Notre Dame nuns - taught in the school
  • Mr. Adrian Johnson: was our much beloved organist for years, ironically, none of the white parishioners, nor visitors, knew he was Black.
  • Mr. James Brown: as a faithful usher for decades, he welcomed parishioners & visitors alike Sunday after Sunday with his memorable smile.
  • Mr. Lee Meredith: was long time head usher, but truly left his mark as our gardener. He planted the roses bushes alongside the church (near the brick garden), one of which is still hanging on.

In the Redeemer,

Fr Rick