Merry Christmas & Happy Kwanza

Merry Christmas & Happy Kwanza!!!

I pray that this day brings you and yours an abundance of joy and blessings. Know that God has prepared this special gift for you, the gift of a new born Son lying in a manger, because your Creator loves you with a love beyond all telling. The baby Jesus cries, but unlike other newborns, He cries for love of you. He cries in hope that you will turn from your old life and embrace the New Life that He comes to offer. He cries with joy at the dawning of your salvation.

May this coming year be bright and joyful. May it truly illuminate the pathway your God has prepared for you. May it bring you closer to your God, and closer to true happiness. I pray also that it be a time that you can use to reach out to old friends and heal old divisions. Time is fleeting, and the birth of our Redeemer is a great reminder that life is too short for petty problems, and love to grand to not seek the path of reconciliation just as our God has chosen to be reconciled with us. May the love and joy of this wonderful season be infectious in your life and fill your family, friends and neighbors with the love and joy of Jesus Christ, our newborn King!


Fr. RickĀ