Ministries & Projects

May 2, 2019

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

I pray your Easter was a happy time spent with family and friends, and a truly joyful celebration of our Lord’s Resurrection and the life He won for us. I want to, once again, thank each and every person who participated in The Visitation. Our visitors felt very welcomed and commented on The Rock being one of the most welcoming parishes they visited. They were also very thankful for the obvious love you have for The Redemptorists. I, too, am very glad of it, as well as the support you show us. One of the other things they commented on was the fact that despite most of you living outside the parish boundaries, you still have a genuine interest in the neighborhood that surrounds The Rock. I am grateful that many of you shared from the heart what you like about your parish, as well as your concerns. And finally, in light of my possible transfer, I want to thank those who expressed what you would like to see in your next Pastor, Associate Pastor, and future Pastors. Our current leadership realizes some of the unique needs of The Rock, and any guidance you can offer will help them make a better choice.

Now that Lent and Fish Fry season is over, it is time to turn our attention to other ministries and projects. I personally have a list of projects and ministries that need to be addressed. We want to continue our evangelization efforts by knocking on more doors and improving our online presence. Fr. Steve is leading our Grill to Glory outreach that may attract a few people to our parish as it strengthens our relationship with our neighbors. There are a number of cleaning & re-organization projects that need our attention. The Town Hall clearly told us that one of our top priorities is our youth & young adults. We need to find ways to attract them back to church, get them involved in ministry and learn how we can address their needs. And, there are a lot of other things that either need to be finished or at least gain our continued attention. I am working at pulling together a list of things, and then, we will need to prioritize them and decide which ministries and projects can best help us meet our goals and priorities. One thing is certain, we need YOUR help, each and every soul in the parish. So I ask those who are not currently active in a ministry to please consider joining one. If you are struggling at deciding where you best fit, please give me a call or shoot me an email, I will be glad to help.

NOTE: I want to let you know that we recently changed our phone system. Our former company filed for bankruptcy. We decided to take the step and move to a “cloud” based system. Probably the biggest advantage is greater accessibility. Each staff person now has a direct-dial extension, and for those who are technologically inclined, an app on their cell phone that directly connects them to their office phone. However, that does not mean that our staff is available 24/7. They are still employees, and while they all are very generous with their time, they do have the right to punch-out and go home. And even though Fr. Steve and I are available 24/7 for emergencies, we too need some down-time, not to mention the obvious fact that there are times when we are busy and simply can’t answer. 

In the Redeemer,

Fr. Rick