One Goal

Oct 4, 2018

From the desk of Fr Stephen… 

I ask for your prayers today on behalf of our Redemptorist Denver province.  This week we will be meeting in Tucson at our retreat house where we will elect leadership.  I guess I shouldn’t say new leadership because it’s possible we elect the same leadership that we have had the past four  years.  Anyway, we could use your prayers this week in this process.  Thank You.

It seems that our political world is becoming more and more polarized all the time.  There does not seem to be much common ground anymore.  You are either totally on one team or the other with very little in common, and so consequently very little gets done.  One side, or the other, seems to hold the power and they will do just about anything to continue to hold that power.  Meanwhile, the country suffers.

In the gospel today, the apostles are upset because someone from out of their inner circle is curing someone of illness.  It is hard to imagine, but the apostles seem more intent upon holding the power, (they are not of our group), than the fact that something good is happening.  Jesus has to remind them that anything good is good no matter who is doing it.  It doesn’t matter who gets the credit.

This is a hard lesson to learn.  I have been in many parishes in my priesthood and have seen firsthand the power struggle between people.  There is an old adage that in a parish 90% of the work is done by 10% of the people, and this might be true.  But it is not always true for reasons we might think.  Yes, there are times when we need to be challenged to do more.  We have maybe become too comfortable or lazy and so it might be good for us to help out those 10% who seem to always be doing all the work.  On the other hand, it does happen sometimes that there are people of the 90% who do in fact want to help out, but the ever faithful 10% have such a grip on the power that no new blood can come in.  They have monopolized all of the power and have prevented good people from doing anything.

Two weeks ago, Fr. Rick gave a very passionate speech about the need for all of us to become involved in the life of the parish.  I must admit, I was very pleased with how so many went into the gym and SIGNED UP for a particular ministry or two.  We do need the continued help of every person in the parish to do their fair share.  I encourage those who still may not have signed up for anything yet to do so, and I also encourage those who have been around the parish for a while to seek out new blood and not to be afraid that you might lose some of your power.  We all need to continue to pull in the same direction.