Our College Students

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

Five thousand miles and I found my way back home, despite everything waiting for me upon my return, it's always good to come home to The Rock. Unfortunately, I have to turn around and hit the road tomorrow morning in order to attend several days of Redemptorist meetings. These will deal with the business and policies of the Denver Province... Fun, fun, fun!

I do want to thank those who chose to sponsor one or more of our college students. I've always wanted to step up our connection to our students. In the past we have sent the bulletin and even occasional recordings of the mass. While we can't currently give the scholarships that we gave in the past, I think the spiritual and emotional support can be just as valuable. College, especially that first year, can be quite an adjustment. Not only are you living away from home (usually for the first time), in a new environment, with all new people, but the academic demands are almost always greater than expected. Add to that all the other demands and issues that transitioning to another moment in the journey of life and it can be quite stressful. There is also the reality that this is a time when many people drift away from The Church.

 I think it is important that we show our students all the love and support that we can. My hope is that the sponsors will not only be a sign of our support, but will also be an extra set of ears, as well as, someone who can offer words of encouragement and advice from their own lived experiences. If you later decide that you would like to participate in this program you can always join in. Or, if you would simply like to send one of the students a gift card or some baked goods, you can always simply drop something off at the office and we will forward it to one of them. I would ask every parishioner to do one thing though, please pray for these young men and women that they achieve all their dreams.

In the Redeemer,

Fr. Rick


Charles Tracey A. Burt ,Kaela Henry, Jessica Pou, Robert C. Caldwell, Michaela Key, Vanessa Tabourne, Caleb Camp, Taylor Martin, Cayla Thurman, Tony Conte, Natalie McNichols, Samantha Williams, Terriana Glass, Nicole McNichols