Parish Council Election Process

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

The time is upon us to change up our Parish Council. We have tweaked the makeup of our Council and how we will choose the new members. From this point forward we will hold elections during the Fall of even numbered years. During this process the membership (all registered, active parishioners over the age of 18) will elect 3 new members to the Parish Council. And the pastor will appoint 2 members. (These appointments should be people who bring unique gifts and talents that are missing from the council and are needed by the parish at that point in time.) These 5 people will serve a four year term, so that, every two years 5 new members will come on and 5 current members will come off, providing a bit of continuity.

We have reduced the number of elected/appointed members by two so that we could make room for two other important members. The first will be a teen representative, which will come from the officers of our parish Youth Group. The other will follow the example set by Deacon Morris, and be a sort of Elder/Spiritual Director. This person's responsibility will be to remind us that we are first and foremost here to serve God & neighbor and form ourselves into The Body of Christ. This person will be chosen by the Council and will be asked to serve for a period of time to be determined by the Council and that person.

So the first Thing we need to do is nominate candidates. The main purpose of the Council is to advise the pastor and to help set the direction & mission of the parish so that it might fulfill the mission of The Church in accordance with our Pastoral Plan. So you might want to think about the major issues facing our parish. This includes our challenges, as well as, the various aspects of our mission as Church. Then ask yourself who might have the gifts, abilities and ideas to help us move forward. I ask you to think of parishioners, who perhaps have not served before, and might bring fresh ideas to The Council.

We have been very blessed these last several years to have a very talented and faithful Parish Council. It has been a mix of ages, as well as, having people who were fairly new to the parish and all the way to those who have grown up here at the corner of Cook & Grand. I am extremely thankful for their service and support, especially for those who will be leaving our Council to serve our community in other ways: Kristin Parran, Carolyn Yandell, Jason Winfrey, Deacon Morris Bohannon, Kendra Martin, Melyney & Wendell Hill.

[Those remaining: Beth Boykin-Moore, Vince Nutt, DeWayne Johnson, Mark Kamp, and Richard Banks]

In the Redeemer,

Fr. Rick