Precious Gifts

Sep 5, 2018

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

In the 1st Reading today from Isaiah, Yahweh comes to save the people. In doing so:

  • The eyes of the blind are open,
  • The ears of the deaf are cleared,
  • The lame leap,
  • The tongue of the mute sing for joy,
  • And all of Creation give glory to God!

In the Gospel, The Son repeats what The Father did: He restores sight, makes the deaf hear, the lame walk, and the mute sing.           

However, eyes were not open, so we could look at our neighbor with envy and lust. We were not given ears, so we could hear the latest gossip. We were not given the gift of locomotion, so we could run headlong into sin. Nor were our tongues loosened, so we could speak lies about our neighbor and cast judgement upon the sinner  We were given these precious gifts, so we could see the works of the Lord and the marvels of Creation... so we could listen to The Good News and hear of the love of God... so we could dance with joy before The Lord... and, so we could proclaim The Good News and sing the glory of God!!!

Church, let us not waste these precious gifts. Our Lord has looked upon us with favor, claimed us as His very own children. The Word became flesh to set us free, that we might revel in the wonder of our God. Each and every day, let us embrace our faith, walk in The Light, share the Good News, lift up the lowly, and be joyful! For this is the day The Lord has made, and we should indeed rejoice in it!

In the Redeemer,

Fr. Rick

P.S.     Next Sunday is “Sign Me Up Sunday.” For our new parishioners, this is the Sunday that we recommit ourselves to our various ministries and/or choose new ones. We will have the usual tables representing our various Commissions & Ministries. Each of these will have people who can answer your questions about any of the ministries, as well as, when and where they meet. If you have any questions that they cannot answer, the staff will be in the center of the gym and happy to help. If you’ve been attending The Rock, but haven’t quite got around to registering, they can take care of that as well. If you are not Catholic, or you have been away from The Church for an extended period, please see Sharon about joining our RCIA process.

You will receive a booklet today that lists & briefly explains all of our ministries and groups. Please take this home and reflect upon it through the week. Pray that The Spirit will guide you to where your Lord is calling you to be at this moment of your journey. God has blessed each of us with our own special gifts. It is up to us to use them wisely, so that, at the appointed time, we can return them to our Lord... with interest!