Sign Me Up Sunday

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

Well today, as you know, is Sign Me Up Sunday (S.M.U.S.)! The idea is not to make this the only time to sign up for ministries, but rather, a day to recommit to our call to serve our local community.

This year we are going to make a major effort to get all of the ministries and those volunteering for them into our Parish database. This way, when a ministry is occurring or an event is approaching, those in charge can request a printout of everyone who signed up for that ministry/event and know how many people they are working with, along with their contact info. This is why it is important to sign up for any ministry you might be interested in during the coming year, AND those ministries in which you already participate. I'm sure you want official credit for the things you do in our Parish and community.

This is how it will work:

  1. Go to the gym after Mass.
  2. Go to each Commission Table that is in charge of each of the ministries that you currently do, and any new ministry you want to be involved in.
  3. Taped to each table will be the current lists of those who are signed up for each of that Commission's ministries. [PLEASE do not get upset if your name is not on the list even though you have been doing it for 20 years. We know our database is not complete and this is what we want to rectify.]
  4. For ministries that you currently do:
    • Find that list of names and look for your own.
    • If you find it, check to make sure all the information is correct.
    • If it is, carefully make a check mark next to your name signifying that you wish to remain in this ministry. And then move on to your next ministry.
    • If there is a mistake, please draw a line through the error and fill out one of the index cards (explained below "*").
    • If you do not want to participate in that particular ministry any more, then please carefully draw a line through your name an information. Then go to the ministry that you wish to now do.
  5. For a new ministry:
    • Go to the Commission table that is in charge of a ministry that you wish to join.
    • They will have a stack of index cards*
    • Take an index card, fill out the name of the Commission & Ministry, whether you are new or continuing, along with your name and contact information.
    • After making sure the information is correct and legible, give it to one on the people working at that table.
    • Then move on to the next ministry you want to sign up for.
  6. Once you have made sure your name & info is correct at each of the ministries that you currently do, and signed up for any new ministries, then get some food and enjoy.

ATTENTION: Commission chairs and those in charge of various ministries. PLEASE do NOT remove any of these card or sheets from the gym!!! The office staff will collect all of them and, as quickly as possible, enter them into the database. Once all the info has been entered and corrected into your ministries, we will print out new sheets of those who have signed up. We will make these available to you and your PC liaison. You can then contact all the people in some way, or wait until a particular event is approaching. Just realize that some people get anxious if not contacted soon after S.M.U.S. We also invite you to put something in the bulletin about when and where your ministries meet, and which ones need more help. Some people would rather sign-up where they are needed, as opposed to picking a ministry themselves. 

For all those who have signed up for a new ministry, please be patient as it will take some time to enter all this into the computer. But you DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT. Simply start participating in the ministries you signed up for, or if there is training of some sort, just contact the appropriate person. Roberta can always give you this information. And of course, you can always join most ministries at any time throughout the year. Just get in touch with Roberta or someone in the ministry and join in the fun!

In the Redeemer,

Fr. Rick