So Much To Be Thankful For

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

     Last Sunday marked my sixth anniversary back at The Rock. It doesn't seem that long, but what is it that they say about time... I do want to thank everyone who had a hand to play in making our Card Party a success, from those on the planning committee, to those who sold ads and tickets, to everyone who donated prizes and food, and especially those who worked very hard on Sunday to make sure all those who attended the event had a good time. We won't know how financially successful it was for a while, but otherwise everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. And wasn't it good seeing Maxine back in the kitchen, ...although it was sad not seeing her mother there with her.

Today is your last chance to nominate someone for parish Council. I ask that you give this some serious thought. This is not a popularity contest, nor is this a position of honor and accolades. These people are asked to sacrifice a good chunk of time and to place their talents at the service of the parish. They are an important part of the leadership and help me to establish the vision and set the course of our parish. I am truly grateful of all those who have served, and are currently serving on the Council.

Finally I want to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving. I hope that you take a little time out amongst all of the eating, shopping and football, to give thanks for the many blessings you have received from your good and gracious God. For God is good...

In the Redeemer,

Fr. Rick

P.S. Don't forget about coming to mass on Thursday morning.