“Step Up & Sign Up"

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

I was reminded recently that "Sign Me Up Sunday" is just around the   corner. This past Lent we made note that in almost every parish 7% of the parishioners do almost all of the work. Of course, we all know that is not fair, but it is easy to find reasons not to participate. Most of us live very busy lives with a whole range of activities and commitments. But what activity gives better rewards than serving the Lord? And what commitment could be more important than fulfilling the commitment that we made (or was made in our name) at our baptism? {Ok, is the guilt working yet? After all, I'm Irish-Catholic, so I believe in anything that makes me feel guilty.}

But seriously, I am challenging all parishioners without a ministry to step up and sign up this year. Join your sisters & brothers in the Vineyard and help build the kingdom. It is easy to sit back and complain about the problem in our community and even the concern you might have about our parish. The more people who step up, the more we can accomplish. If time is your big problem, just sign up for a liturgical ministry, which you can do while you are attending mass. We are in need of ushers, communion ministers, lectors, servers, and yes, even choir members. If you're a bit shy, we have plenty of behind the scenes type ministries, like Art & Environment or helping out in the office. Another way to approach it is to go with your interests. Whether it's Family Life, Social Life, Christian Service (justice & health), Youth, Athletics, Finance, or Christian Formation, you can inquire what ministries fall under those commissions. And if you still can't figure it out simply come to the staff table and we will help you find your place in the Vineyard.

We also have some special gifts and talents that we are in need of in order that we might accomplish some projects that we want to do. So if you have experience in any of these areas you will also be able to sign up to share these with your parish family: photographers & videographers, desktop publishing, grant writing, publicity, art & design, or fundraising. In the future, I will be sharing a few other projects that we are hoping to find people for, so just keep an eye out in the bulletin.

So please spend some time in prayer during the next few weeks so that come S.M.U.S. you will be ready to "step up & sign up" for the Lord.

God bless, 

 Fr. Rick