The Call of God

Jul 27, 2017

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

We have all heard, and perhaps used, some form of the adage, "God will never give you a cross too heavy to carry." When we use it we usually use it in the context of something negative that has happened. We assure a friend that no matter how bad the problem may seem, they can manage it, and most importantly, survive it. However, there is a positive form of this advice as well, "To whom much is given, much is required." Jesus tells the parable of the stewards who were each entrusted with a portion of their master's wealth: 10 talents, 5 talents, and 1 talent. And you know how that story goes.

If we look at these two pieces of wisdom together we are left to ponder the question, "How much has God given me?" We are each asked to take stock of our blessings and talents. But also how strong our faith is? How great is our trust in God? How well do we understand Scripture? These are the types of questions that begin to reveal to us just what our Lord is expecting from us. Our God has given each of us various talents and skills, as well as, different resources. It might be monetary, but it might also be time, or some skill, or even something less tangible like patience. It may not be something that is clearly identifiable. Look at those people Jesus hand-picked. Their talents and skills certainly were not very apparent, especially in regards to launching a Church, and yet look at what they accomplished.

We all need to take the time to really look deep within. We need to ask ourselves some hard questions sometimes, because the talents we have been given are not always the talents we want. Sometimes we pursue things that we want and we get frustrated, and even lash out at others, when they don't work out. Perhaps we need to return to that original adage and see that the real wisdom is in recognizing what it is that God has given us and what it is that God is asking of us. God did not say we would never fail, or that we could do whatever we wanted and succeed. Just as we each have talents, we each have our limits as well. What God said is that we would not fail at the task the Lord asks us to do. There is a difference in those two approaches, and a very important one. Each of us must search out the "Call of God" in our own life. Only then will we find true peace and real success. God speed on your journey!

In the Redeemer,

Fr Rick