There's Always Something

Feb 28, 2016

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

If you have not heard the news, this past summer a piece of our air conditioning system, known as a chiller, quit working. Our system has two of these units so we were able to get through the summer on the remaining chiller. We have spent the time trying to find out if we could get the unit repaired or rebuilt. Once we learned that this would not be cost effective, we had to get several bids on what it would cost to manufacture and install a new one. We also looked into warranties and insurance. We even went through the long process of seeing if we could get some assistance from the Archdiocese. This of course has all taken some time, along with the fact that we had our usual parish stuff to deal with.

We decided that the first of the year would be the best time to deal with raising money for the new chiller. Since we were also scheduled to begin the Beyond Sunday Campaign, it was also decided that it would be a good idea to ask the archbishop to postpone our participation in that campaign to the third phase which will not begin until June, 2016. This will allow us to focus on raising the $45,000 dollars needed to repair our air conditioning system.

I want to thank everyone who has been involved in this process thus far. I am very glad to have our Parish Council take charge of this campaign. Their high level of enthusiasm seems to have been contagious. It will take our entire parish to raise this much money, without negatively impacting our weekly collection. We have begun distributing pledge cards at mass and on February 21st we will collect them at mass. Along with this, we will do a mailing to the entire parish so that we do not miss anyone who would like to contribute. This is all being done to make sure we have air conditioning in our church this summer.

And just to keep you informed, and to show you that there is always something to deal with, our sound system went dead last Saturday. We have since learned that the main controller has died. Repairing the unit is not really an option as it could take 6-8 months with no guarantee that it would be repairable. We would also be repairing 7-8 year old technology. We have decided to spend the $3000 it will cost to purchase, install and equalize a new controller. In the end, our sound system should sound a bit better.

In the end, it isn't much different than your own home. There is always something that needs repair or maintenance. It is just a bit more expensive when dealing with a building of this size and this age. I thank you for your continued support and participation. And this is all just another reason why events like the Card Party and Fish Fry are so essential for the life of our parish. I hope you each have a spiritually beneficial Lent and may God continue to bless you.

In the Redeemer,

Fr. Rick