This is my Beloved Son. Listen to Him

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

           As I mentioned last week, when you take out all of the miracles and healings, all of the arguments and debates, and other non-preaching parts of the Gospel, there is not much left of Jesus's actual sermons. And so, what is there should not be too difficult for us to remember. Some people have "selective hearing". They seem to be hard of hearing when someone is telling them what they do not want to hear, but they never seem to miss someone saying it's time to eat.

          This is one of the few passages in all of Scripture where God, The Father, speaks directly to us. His message is very simple and direct,

                                                                                 "This is my beloved Son. Listen to Him."

It doesn't seem too difficult, but we all struggle with listening. Whether we have selective hearing or we are just too busy thinking about what we want to say, we do not always hear what others are trying to tell us. God is telling us to be quiet and listen, and this is the perfect season for us to do what God suggests. Lent is a time for us to slow down and rid our lives of distractions. That is what the wilderness is for. We are supposed to work on our prayer life, but our prayer life does not have to be full of words. Sometimes it is best to just find a quiet place, still ourselves, and listen to our Lord. You might just be surprised at what He is trying to tell you.

In the Redeemer,

Fr. Rick