What's Next

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

We find ourselves, once again, reeling from another act of horrific violence and an utter disregard for the sanctity of human life. The constant barrage of videos and news alerts brought the horror of it right into our living rooms and gave us front row seats. I am sure you are wondering what I and the rest of the world is wondering...why? We will probably never know, we will certainly never get an answer that makes any sense of such a callous and twisted act of violence. The issue I keep coming back to is the utter disregard of the value of human life in our disposable society, in our feeling of helplessness one thing we can do is pray. 

I want to thank Cookie, her committee, and everyone who had a hand in putting together our Spirituals Concert, and of course, I also want to thank all of the choirs, singers, dancers, speakers and support people who shared their gifts and talents to make it another marvelous event. If you weren't there then you truly missed a powerful blessing. You can however purchase a CD from the office.

Earlier this week, a group of priests and I, religious, and laity, known as The Pastoral Council, met with the Archbishop to discuss the ecumenical prayer service that was held in Kiener Plaza and to give input to the Archbishop's question, "What's next?" The Bishop is committed to not let this issue fade into the background once again. He has been asking various groups this same question and is holding a large workshop later this month. As the largest faith community in the metropolitan area, how can we Catholics come together and affect real change?

The Bishop did pull me aside and ask how you were all doing and what you were saying about the issue and recent events. I tried to share a bit of the frustration that I often hear. However, if you have some real insight, I invite you to send him a letter or email. I think we have an opportunity to push the discussion to a broader circle than just the North City, but most of the people present also felt frustrated and not sure how to proceed in a way that would facilitate true change. Again, prayer can't hurt.

Finally, as I mentioned previously, I will be in Wisconsin this week attending Redemptorist meetings to discuss various issues facing our Province. Please say a few prayers for the Holy Spirit to guide these meetings and for safe travel for all.

In the Redeemer,

Fr Rick